(Page Updated: March, 2014)


Building Electricity Demand Forecasting (Final Year Bachelor Thesis - at IIIT Delhi)


Network Packet Analyzer with Anomaly Based Intrusion Detection [PDF]

  • Guide: Prof. I. Sumaiya Thaseen
  • Based on the research work: Bhavesh Kasliwal, Shraey Bhatia, Shubham Saini, I.Sumaiya Thaseen, Ch.Aswani Kumar. "A Hybrid Anomaly Detection Model using G-LDA" at 4th IEEE International Advance Computing Conference. (21-22 Feb, 2014)
  • An extention of the Network Packet Sniffer project done during the Fall 2012 semester.
A hybrid anomaly detection model using G-LDA from Shubham Saini

Cognitive Jewelry (At Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber-Physical Systems, IISc Bangalore) [PDF]

  • Guide: Dr. G. K. Ananthasuresh
  • Developed a network jewelry that not only serves the purpose of aesthetics but also have certain sensing and cognitive abilities.
  • Part of the android development team for interfacing the jewelry to a smart phone.
  • Currently the jewelry has the ability to put a mobile phone into the silent mode and turn it back to the ringing mode. Also, the jewelry can control the image gallery and a music player on the smart phone using simple hand gestures.

Comparitive Study of Image Edge Detection algorithms [PDF]

  • Guide: Prof. Christy Jackson
  • Introducing a new classification of most important and commonly used edge detection algorithms, Canny and Marr-Hildreth
  • Uses five different criteria for testing the quality of an edge detector.

Encryption of Image and Multimedia Data [PDF]

  • Guide: Prof. Usha Rani
  • A public key cryptography technique to encrypt image and multimedia signals.
  • Implementation using MATLAB.

Social Networking Platform

  • Guide: Prof. Vijaya K.
  • Implemented using PHP with Oracle at backend.
  • Frontend designing done using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
  • Includes all basic features like Friends system, Messaging, Photos/Videos, Wall posts.
  • Concepts of Information Flow within networks, Clustering, Query Optimization were studied.

Network Packet Sniffer

  • Guide: Prof. Rukmani
  • Implemented using Java 6 with Java Swing GUI.
  • The tool can be used for network administrators to monitor network usage by the users.
  • Can detect access to restricted websites and maintain user logs.
  • Can re-construct HTTP data like images, web pages and videos sent over the network.

Online Coding Contest

  • Guide: Prof. Sathis Kumar
  • Implemented using PHP with MySQL at backend.
  • Frontend designing done using CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
  • The code uploaded by the users is compiled and verified for correct output at server side.
  • System offers points system, with real time updates.

Media Player Playlist Management System

  • Guide: Prof. Thomas Abraham
  • Implemented using C++.
  • Can maintain user data.
  • Users can use their tokens to buy/sell music online.
  • Music lists maintained by Artists, Genre, Year etc.
  • Automatic playlist generation feature to play songs according to user's mood.

Java De-compiler

  • Guide: Prof. Bharadwaj Kumar
  • Can convert Java Byte-Code back into source code.
  • As of now, the De-compiler can convert into source code that contains assignment operators, looping statements, conditional statements and string operations.